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Chef Ka'Vaughn Crawley

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Chef Ka’Vaughn Crawley hails from the island of the Bahamas. His food screams one thing. FLAVOR. Chef Ka’Vaughn Crawley was born in Nassau, Bahamas. He lived there for 8 years before moving to America. Upon moving to the U.S. he spent most of his adolescence growing up in Naples, Florida. A small town located on the southwest coast of Florida. Ka’Vaughn will be the first to admit he never went to culinary school but his resume packs a mean punch. He started cooking 10 years ago while in Florida and like most self taught chefs he started at the bottom. His first job was not a cook, in fact it was a dishwasher. He quickly fell in love with the kitchen because of the hard work and “idgaf” attitudes that most chefs have. He knew that if he wanted to get the experience he desired, he would have to make changes. So he took a leap of faith and moved to beautiful Vail, Colorado where his passion for food would take him to working at hotels such as The Sonnenalp Hotel, to some of the most well known restaurants on the western slope like Mountain Standard. Chef Ka’Vaughn also worked at Little Nell which is a 5 star 5 diamond hotel in Aspen, Colorado. Ka’Vaughn’s resume also includes the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences in Denver which is ranked as the #1 Rated hotel in Colorado by USA Today. Even though the world of fine dining is a great spot to learn; Ka’Vaughn has always looked at food through the common man's eyes. This is why Chicken N’ Da Bag has a street appeal but even people with the most exquisite palate would agree “This shh is good”. Chicken N’ Da Bag is an urban themed food trap that specializes in Southern/Caribbean cooking. Chef Ka’Vaughn says “As a black chef I didn’t relate to many other chefs. I wanted to be great at what I did but that meant most of the time I was the only black chef working in the kitchen. I never went to Culinary Arts Institute of America or Johnson and Wales. I ran the streets as a teen and cooking saved my life when I think about it.” Even with the odds stacked against him through trials and tribulations Chef Ka’Vaughn Crawley is proud to present to you Chicken N’ Da Bag.

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